1200W Modified sine wave inverter LHI-HP1200

Continuous power : 1200W
Surge power : 2400W
The input voltage : DC12V/24V(optional)
Other voltage output voltage : AC100V/110V/120V/220V/230V/240V (optional)
Output requency : 50 Hz / 60 Hz (optional)
USB Output : YES
Output waveform : modified Sine wave
Cooling : FAN
Color : silver/Golden/black/other color(optional)
The size (MM) : 262*150*76

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  1. using imported components and advanced circuit design makes the inverter of high conversion efficiency;modern assembly production ensures the product quality;
  2. complete in specifications, for different voltage ,for domestic and abroad, with the corresponding interface standards;
  3. instantaneous power 2400 w, and provide overload protection;
  4. the design for low battery voltage protection, make the inverter shutdown automatically while low battery voltage
  5. provide overheating automatic shutdown protection, will start automatically after returning to normal;
  6. maintenance free design to ensure that this product can run continuously for a long time;
  7. plug and play, provide AC power to meet user demand for ac power, and provides the USB output;
  8. this product uses the aluminum alloy shell, high pressure plasma surface of titanium coating process, high hardness, chemical stability, oxidation resistance, beautiful appearance;
  9. the product output power is large, can be applied to all kinds of electronic appliances, lighting, outdoor electricity utilization, disaster relief, emergency…